We are a corporate foundation here to transform the fashion industry

Long-term change through philanthropy

We are a corporate foundation, affiliated to global retailer C&A, here to fundamentally transform the apparel industry. 

As an independently-funded philanthropic organisation, we can focus on longer-term objectives with a healthy appetite for risk. We can form alliances with other brands and retailers in pre-competitive spaces and with actors from across the supply chain to co-create solutions to the industry’s biggest challenges.  And we can share lessons with others to have a greater, collective impact.

Our partnership with C&A

C&A is our most important partner in our work to transform the fashion industry as we are guided by a common agenda for change.

C&A’s global sustainability framework rests on three key pillars: Sustainable Products, Sustainable Supply and Sustainable Lives. These inform the company’s ambitious 2020 sustainability goals and at the same time inspiring the foundation drives systemic change through our areas of impact.

With over tens of thousands of employees, millions of customers, and factories and suppliers across the world, C&A brings another dimension to our work. C&A helps C&A Foundation understand industry “pain points” and gives us first-hand insight into the industry.  At the same time, the foundation helps create an enabling environment for C&A to improve its own practises. Both entities complement each other’s work and strengthen our combined abilities to make fashion a force for good.

Our history

Since its creation in 1841 by brothers Clemens and August Brenninkmeijer, C&A has been committed to philanthropy and to responsible corporate citizenship.

As part of this heritage, the C&A brand has evolved into a leading voice on the business of sustainable fashion. At C&A, sustainability is embedded into the very fabric of the company.   But fashion’s challenges go far beyond any one company’s supply chain. For an industry- wide transformation to take place, there must be an industry-wide response.

That’s why C&A Foundation was created: to address the deeply-rooted challenges that fashion faces, and spark the change that will transform the fashion industry.  We can work with and for the entire fashion industry - from manufacturers, government and local charities to major brands, including our most important partner, C&A.