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How is C&A Foundation different from C&A?

C&A Foundation is here to fund and collaborate with individuals, brands, platforms and NGOs in order to make the entire fashion industry work better for the people who make our clothes.

C&A, the global fashion retailer, is run and managed separately from C&A Foundation, but the two entities share a vision of a sustainable apparel industry. C&A's sustainability team is dedicated to fashion with a positive impact and to reaching their 2020 sustainability goals, and it collaborates with many key stakeholders including C&A Foundation. For more information on C&A's work in the area, visit the C&A Website or read C&A's Global Sustainability Report.

C&A works on improving its own supply chain, while C&A Foundation is working to make the entire industry a force for good. By having access to actors in the C&A supply chain, like factories, C&A Foundation can test, replicate and scale promising initiatives.

What does C&A Foundation fund?

We support initiatives in four key areas: accelerating sustainable cotton, improving working conditions, eradicating forced labour, and enabling circular fashion. Each of these signature programmes has its own theory of change, which informs what we do and do not fund. We believe focusing our investments in these areas only, will maximise our contribution to making fashion a force for good.

We also fund initiatives to strengthen local communities, either through our humanitarian partnership or through our work with C&A.

How does C&A Foundation approve new partnerships?

We review grant applications in five phases. Depending on the complexity and size of the proposed initiative, this process can take a few weeks or several months. Find out how the process works.

How do I apply for a grant?

If you believe that your initiative fits with our organisational and/or programmatic theories of change, and contributes to at least one of our Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), please send us an email so we may walk you through the application process. 

What documents will I need to submit?

Applicants will need to submit up to two documents:

  1. Concept note (maximum 4 pages plus annexes).
  2. If the proposed concept is approved, and the budget is more than EUR 100,000, then you will need to also submit a full proposal (maximum 10 pages, plus annexes). The annexes include an activity-based budget, grant chart, and log frame for monitoring and evaluation (M&E).

Can I submit a proposal using my own format or template?

We only accept proposals using our concept note template. We do not accept proposals in other formats.

Can I send you extra information or material to support my funding application?

To make the process as simple as possible, please only submit the information requested in the concept note template (.doc).

Can I still submit my funding proposal if it is outside of your strategy?

We only accept proposals that fit with our strategy and signature programmes and contribute to at least one of our Key Performance Indicators(PDF) .

Are individuals eligible for grants from C&A Foundation?

We only work with registered groups and organisations at this time.

Will you support my fundraising activities?

We don't make donations to individual fundraising activities, but we wish you the best of luck with your campaign.

How does your approval process work?

Depending on the grant budget, approval will be done by either the Head of Programme, C&A Foundation Investment Committee or our Board of Directors. You can read more about our approval process.

What happens after my proposal is approved?

We'll create a legally binding contract between your organisation and C&A Foundation. This will include intended results, targets, milestones or reporting deliverables, and a payment schedule.

How does C&A Foundation measure results?

All of our partnerships must align with our monitoring and evaluation minimum requirements (PDF) and signature programme KPIs. This helps both you and the foundation better understand if your initiative is achieving its intended results and put corrective measures in place if necessary.

After approval of the concept note, our programme managers will work with you to co-develop a robust monitoring and evaluation framework. This includes: 

a. Expected results (outputs and outcomes), indicators and targets 
b. Details on how results will be measured, reported and evaluated throughout the grant lifecycle. This will be agreed upon in the grant agreement.

For all initiatives of EUR 750,000 and above, we commission an independent external evaluation.

Our M&E policy (PDF) will help you understand expectations for measuring and evaluating results. It outlines the foundation's approach to monitoring and evaluation, and it indicates the norms and standards we use. The policy is meant to foster mutual accountability and learning.

Download our Partner Reporting Guidelines (PDF). 

Who can apply for the Emergency Fund?

Existing partners, who are currently receiving a programmatic or core support grant, can apply for up to EUR 15,000 from our Emergency Fund. The fund is set up to support partners in need of short-term financial support due to imminent threats to their safety. To apply, partners should fill in the application form and discuss it in direct conversation with their programme manager. Emergencies caused by natural disasters are not eligible to receive funds.