Turning ideas into reality

From the grant development process to impactful initiatives  

We help partners develop ideas into fully funded initiatives 

Long-lasting change requires not only robust initiatives but also strong organisations, networks and movements. That’s why we provide partners with support to develop ideas into game-changing initiatives, and we also provide core-support to strengthen their capacities. 

Once an initiative is underway, we work together on monitoring and evaluation so we can jointly learn and share that knowledge.  

Our grant process

Our grant process helps our partners turn ideas into strong initiatives that can change the industry. 


We’re always on the lookout for new initiatives that can transform the fashion industry. We look carefully at the context of programmes.


We look closely at each proposal to make sure it fits well into our programmes. And we help to make sure you get the support you need to deliver results.


We use reporting systems to track your progress and, if we need to, help with any challenges along the way. We work closely with you and your team.


We want everyone to have the chance to learn from other people’s initiatives. So we share initiative and programme evaluations.

Monitoring & Evaluation

We want your initiative to bring lasting change to the people you work with and the communities you support. That's why we ask all our partners to measure their results and submit regular reports so we can jointly discuss what works and what challenges remain. 

Take a look at our monitoring and evaluation policy , minimum requirements and partner reporting guidelines


We work with you before you get your grant to determine what you’ll need and the reporting method that best suits your initiative. We help you set measurable results that will drive the delivery of your initiative.

Accountable & transparent

By monitoring your initiative’s performance, we can help you keep it on track and find ways to make it even better. We’re committed to open reporting – that means sharing what we do with others to help them and their work.

Relevant Reporting

We know you are busy doing industry-changing work, which is why we make reporting relevant to your initiative. Our report framework takes your context into account, and we do our best to only ask the right questions.

Principles of how we work with partners

Solid partnerships are key to creating impact. In collaboration with our partners, we have created
10 principles of how we work together to transform the fashion industry. 

  1. FOCUS on the impact we want to have on the people, environment and communities where we work.
  2. COLLABORATE for greater impact. Partner with other organisations in pursuit of common goals and promote connections between organisations and networks.
  3. COMMUNICATE by listening actively, being realistic
    and honest.
  4. Align and CO-CREATE our partnerships by playing to each other’s strengths, field experience and knowledge.
  5. Be mutually ACCOUNTABLE for the commitments within the partnership.
  1. LEARN from start to finish. Build formal and informal feedback and evaluation processes. Collect and share lessons with each other and externally.
  2. Be FLEXIBLE to adapt plans and evolve partnerships. Acknowledge internal and external changes, lessons learned and unforeseen risks.
  3. Be BOLD and take RISKS. Dare to challenge the norms and mindsets that make fashion unsustainable.
  4. Make SOCIAL INCLUSION central to our work. Address diversity, equity and inclusion in our initiatives.
  5. Cultivate trust and robust relationships in all partnerships to address POWER DYNAMICS.

Enabling our partners to thrive 

Throughout the lifecycle of a grant, we work closely with partners to understand how we can support their work, build the field and allow for further impact.   

Learning Fund 

Our Learning Fund allows our current partners to visit other initiatives and partners to learn from each other and exchange knowledge. The fund not only promotes partner-to-partner learning but also fosters further collaboration in the field.  To apply, current partners must fill out the application form and send it to their programme managers. 

Emergency Fund 

While funding bold initiatives, we seek to defend the security of our partners who work in sensitive civic and political environments. To support our current partners in case of imminent threats to their safety, we have an Emergency Fund. To apply, current partners should talk to their programme managers. 

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