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We fund initiatives that have the potential to create long-term change. Click through the list of our current grants to see more.

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The Hague Institute for the Internationalisation of Law

Support the professional facilitation required to launch a new multi-stakeholder initiative to improve factory working conditions.

Thinkstep Sustainability Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Conduct a lifecycle assessment of Better Cotton, organic and conventional cotton cultivation systems in Madhya Pradesh, India.

Thomson Reuters Foundation

Support of in-depth investigative reporting on modern slavery and human trafficking and also on the training of local journalists on the topic, scaling its impact and reach across six countries and their regions.

Thomson Reuters Foundation

Increase awareness of forced labour and human trafficking through media advocacy and training of journalist to cover the issues in India.

Traidcraft Exchange

Propose new European legislation focused on purchasing practices.


Increase transparecny in the apparel industry supply chains and as a result spur the eradication of human and environmental abuses.


Philanthropy Platform created to deepen partnerships and achieve the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


Improve, in partnership with C&A, the management of small and medium-sized sewing workshops, promoting the wellbeing of workers and environmental management efficiency.

University of California, Berkeley

Research the industry-wide uptake of the Higg Index and recommend ways to improve it.

University of California, Berkeley (UCB)

Undertake research on issues of forced and child labour in the apparel supply chain - especially in the home base worker segment.

University of Delaware

Develop the "Better Buying Initiative", to support factories and reduce risks for workers by improving purchasing practices of brands and retailers.

University of Sussex

Draw lessons from three schemes to pay compensation to injured workers and the families of those killed in recent garment industry disasters and make recommendations for securing workers' right to compensation in future.

Verité SouthEast Asia

Execute a landscaping study of international migrants working in the Asian and Turkish apparel supply chain.


The EcoEra Award has the mission of promoting eco-conscious companies and replicating these practices throughout the industry, this year with a specific category for gender justice.

WageIndicator Foundation

Trade unions engage in social dialogue with employers through transparency data at DecentWorkCheck.

WageIndicator Foundation

Conduct an inventory of wages and working conditions in the garment industry in order to reduce non-compliance with minimum wage and labour law.

Waste and Resources Action Plan (WRAP)

Support of the "Design for Longevity" platform (a part of the European Clothing Action Plan), which aims to inspire designers to sustainable design.

Waste and Resources Action Plan (WRAP)

Support of the "Design for Longevity" platform (a part of the European Clothing Action Plan), which aims to inspire designers to design sustainably.

Water Footprint Network

Analysed the water footprint of cotton, polyester and viscose throughout the supply chain and recommended ways to reduce it.

Water Footprint Network

Provide core support to Water Footprint Network to strengthen their methodology and service to the apparel industry.