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How to become a Partner

Anti-Slavery International

Support the initiative "European Action to Reduce Forced and Child Labour in Global Supply Chains."

Associação Direitos Humanos em Rede - CONECTAS

Advocacy for best practices in combating forced labour and the protection of migrant workers.

Brazilian Institute for National Pact to Eradicate Slave Labour

Supporting consolidation of the structure of InPACTO.

Business and Human Rights Resource Centre (BHRRC)

Educate women workers and unions on how to use data as a basis for negotiation to improve working conditions in Indonesian apparel factories.

CAMI - Migrant Support and Pastoral Centre

 Empower immigrants and their families, in particular involving sewing workshops and informal work activities in the garment sector.

Campanha Nacional pelo Direito à Educação

Advocacy against child labour: an advocacy initiative part of the 100 Million for 100 Million campaign.

Catholic Relief Services

Provide an environment of safety and support for women and children in the Rohingya Refugee Settlements - including reduction in sexual and gender based violence.

CDHIC (Centre for Immigrant Human Rights and Citizenship)

Support the implementation Brazil’s new migration law (No. 13.445) in order to protect the rights of migrant workers, particularly in the apparel supply chain

CDHIC - Centro de Direitos Humanos

Preventing and combating Forced Labour of migrant workers in the fashion industry in the city of Guarulhos, through community strengthening and local advocacy efforts.

Cidade Escola Aprendiz

Pilot model that aims to elaborate a protocol for the prevention and eradication of child labour in regions where the apparel industry is most present, focused on school inclusion and on engaging local public services to better identify cases and provide appropriate assistance.

Derechos Infancia México A.C. (REDIM)

Advocate for the inclusion of forced child labour within the fashion industry in Guanajuato's political agenda.

Freedom Fund

Conduct a feasibility study to establish a large-scale, comprehensive initiative to address forced labour in Tamil Nadu.

Freedom Fund

Implement a comprehensive hot-spot approach to eliminate bonded and child labour from the spinning mills of Tamil Nadu, India.

Freedom Fund

Implement the multi-partner hotspot approach to eliminate child labour from the fashion supply chain in Jaipur (Rajasthan).

Fundo Brasil

Provide technical and financial support for the monitoring and training of civil society organisations working to combat child labour in the fashion industry.


Strengthen GoodWeave in order to achieve and sustain its growth.


Implementation of Phase II in the initiative to End Forced & Child Labour in Apparel & Fashion Jewellery Supply Chains (Home Based Workers).


Pilot a market-driven approach to eliminate child labour in the homeworker sector in India.

Humanity United

Create the Working Capital Fund, an impact investing fund to stimulate new tools to reduce forced labour and exploitation in supply chains.


Support the improvement of working conditions for migrants involved in sewing, and combating slave labour.