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Action for Social Advancement

Improve farmer livelihoods through organic cotton production in Madhya Pradesh, India.

Action for Social Advancement

Manage the Organic Cotton and Fairtrade Secretariat in Madhya Pradesh, India.

Action for Social Advancement

Expansion of organic cotton in the tribal region of Madhya Pradesh with key emphasis on value chain integration of producers through producers collectives.

Aga Khan Foundation

Transition of marginal, tribal farmers to organic cotton production in Madhya Pradesh, India.

Aga Khan Foundation

Provide loans from a community-managed fund to smallholder cotton farmers in India to install dip irrigation units for improving water use efficiency.

Aga Khan Foundation

Promote Better Cotton production practices using water efficient farming techniques.

Aid by Trade Foundation - Cotton Made in Africa

Promote sustainable production in Africa identifying locally available and efficient bio-pesticides and promoting their uptake.

American Institutes for Research in the Behavioral Sciences (AIR)

Assess the socio-economic impact of three cotton cultivation systems - BCI, conventional and organic cotton on smallholders in Madhya Pradesh, India.


Contributing to the strengthening of agroecological family farming value chains in the semi-arid region of Brazil through strategies to access markets and generate income in the Territory of Borborema (Paraíba State).

Banco do Brasil Foundation

The main objective of this initiative is support the Social Technologies Award 2019. This award aims to identify, certify, reward and disseminate Social Technologies and Innovations to overcome challenges in rural organic production regarding two main categories: (i) Women and agroecological production (Gender lens); (ii) Community Governance and Organic Cotton (Rural community lens).

Better Cotton Initiative

Support the Better Cotton Initiative in increased standards embedded in national legislation.

bioRe Foundation

Research and propagate high performing organic cotton seeds in India.


Improve farmer livelihoods through organic and more sustainable cotton production in India, Pakistan, and China.

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit GmbH (GIZ)

Improve the livelihoods of 16,500 smallholder cotton farmers in Tanzania through transition to organic farming and forging strong link to markets.


Strategic planning and diagnostics of a plan to strengthen and expand cotton production in agroecological consortia in semi-arid regions.


Strengthen and expand agroecological intercropping cotton growing in 7 territories (6 states) of the Brazilian semi-arid region, with prospects for development of family-based social organisations and approach to the fair trade and organic market.

Embrapa Algodão

Develop a mobile app for checking, monitoring and supporting decision-making for the sustainable management of agroecological-based cotton cultivation.

ESPLAR Research and Assessment Centre

Increase certified organic cotton production by smallholder farmers for the organic market.


Participatory diagnosis of agroecological cotton production in the region of Baixada Cuiabana and Carceres (2 territories in Mato Grosso state) allowing for this ancestral production system to gain visibility and guide future actions.

Forum for the Future

Develop Cotton 2040, a multi-stakeholder initiative to create alignment and traceability in the sustainable cotton sector.