Strengthening communities

We’re building resilient communities in regions where C&A operates.


Being a force for good in communities

Making fashion a force for good doesn't start and end with the supply chain. It extends into the communities where our colleagues, customers, and garment industry workers live.

Together with C&A, we drive employee engagement campaigns, encouraging and enabling the participation of employees in volunteering activities that support local organisations. We also partner with humanitarian organisations to support people in emergencies, especially children, providing assistance when a disaster strikes and helping to prevent further risk.

 We're helping communities to become stronger so they can thrive.

See our strengthening communities theory of change.

 I was able to use my knowledge of quality control to find defects in the garments we were donating, I helped  make the process easier. 

Juan Alberto, a volunteer from a distribution center in Querétaro Mexico


Many communities where the fashion industry operates are marginalised and have unequal access to services and opportunities. These communities are also vulnerable to risks such as natural disasters, manmade crises and heightened everyday hazards. In these countries, communities may be less resilient to shocks and stresses as they have limited access to services and resources and knowledge of risks and rights. Together with C&A and its employees, we seek to contribute to these communities’ development.

To strengthen communities, we have designed a two-front strategy: Humanitarian Relief and Employee Engagement.

Employee Engagement

Our goal is to enable and inspire C&A employees to contribute to their communities. We believe that their personal investment in their community multiplies our efforts and that the time, talent and effort they give are precious.

Two of our most popular engagement initiatives are Inspiring World, where up to 50% of employees take part in raising funds donated by C&A Foundation to support local communities. And the volunteering programme run in Mexico and Brazil where over 3,000 employees devote an entire working day to support local organisations

Through our long-standing community-giving programme “C&A Together” in Europe, we fund local organisations focused on improving children’s lives which are nominated and selected by C&A employees. These grants often make a big impact in the work of grassroots organisations.

Through their charity work, our volunteers help to build stronger communities around the world.

Humanitarian Relief 

Save the Children 

We respond to humanitarian disasters by addressing community needs and to strengthen the communities’ resilience to external shocks.

In 2015, C&A and C&A Foundation established a global partnership with Save the Children. To date, this partnership has enabled Save the Children to reach more than 8 million people, of which around 4 million are children.

The global partnership focuses on two areas:

Emergency Response: Save the Children has provided fast and life-saving aid during, and in the aftermath, of over 35 emergencies so far. We know children and women are particularly vulnerable during emergencies. One of their key interventions to protect children is Child Friendly Spaces, this approach has proven successful in giving back a sense of normality and safety to children and assist them to rebuild their lives.

Resilience Building: We increased the ability of over 130,000 children, their families and the communities in which they lived, to withstand and recover from stresses and shocks in Bangladesh, Brazil, China, India and Mexico.

C&A engages its employees and customers in fundraising campaigns to support children around the world. Throughout C&A’s stores in Europe and Mexico, customers can purchase products triggering a donation from C&A Foundation or make a direct financial contribution through donation boxes in C&A stores in Europe. Globally C&A customers and employees have helped raise EUR 3 million for Save the Children.

Rohingya Refugee Crisis 

Over 897,700 Rohingya are currently in camps in the south of Bangladesh forming one of the largest refugee camps in the world today. C&A Foundation is supporting Save the Children, CARE, CRS and Caritas Bangladesh, Terre des hommes, Bangladesh Legal Aid and Services Trust, Oxfam and Center for Global Development in their humanitarian efforts in this crisis to provide services to refugees and Bangladeshi host communities, with a particular emphasis on protection.

In total, EUR 3,045m of support will go to help over 400,000 people through initiatives aimed at combatting gender based violence, preventing trafficking, strengthening child protection and health services, providing legal services, provision of water and food security services and research into sustainable solutions for the crisis.