Building worker first supply chains


Impactt’s 20th anniversary conference, taking place September 28 in London, is a unique opportunity to hear first-hand from workers in global supply chains, injecting the reality of their experiences into the debate on working conditions.

Building Worker First Supply Chains brings together workers, practitioners, experts and industry leaders in one place to share, learn, discuss and collaborate.

Impactt is an ethical trade consultancy bridging the gap between diverse stakeholders to benefit brands, sites and workers alike, and a long-time partner of C&A Foundation’s working conditions programme. The foundation is sponsoring the one-day conference and Leslie Johnston, C&A Foundation Executive Director, is speaking at the keynote opening session.

Why is the conference significant?

Founder and director of Impactt, Rosey Hurst, explains: “Our agenda is looking at some of the big issues, focused on making what works for workers, work for business.

“From enabling ‘good’ migration work for people and businesses, to exploring the enablers behind positive, constructive social dialogue between suppliers and workers, the 20 year conference is an opportunity to hear from workers themselves - their stories and journeys."

“A highlight for me, as well as the great speakers and case studies we have, will be the closing session when workers will be critiquing what they have heard and quizzing speakers and the audience on what they do to put workers first in the supply chain.”

Founder and Director of Impactt Rosey Hurst

Rosey set up Impactt 20 years ago based on her own experience in India, amazed at how little contact there was between the workers and the higher end of the supply chain. By bridging the corporate world and the world of workers and production sites, Impactt is helping organisations, investors, brands, suppliers, unions and workers to share the benefits of a virtuous supply chain.

“Companies do have a responsibility. Twenty years ago they weren’t taking that seriously. Many used the excuse of plausible deniability - ‘it’s not my slave’ - which is missing the point. The issue may not be attributable to your company but the whole supply chain, industries and communities are impacted,’ said Rosey.

“I’m most proud of where Impactt has made a difference on the ground, getting working children back to school and seeing workers’ self-esteem, self-worth and recognition grow, for example.

“We’re delighted that C&A Foundation is sponsoring our 20th anniversary conference. The Foundation is an incredibly broad-minded, innovative funder. We’re thrilled to play a part in their ground breaking work.” 

See Rosey's Ted Talk on "Humanising garment workers" here.

To see the full agenda and register for the conference:

Building Worker First Supply Chains is on 28 September in Westminster, London. Go to for more details and to book your place.