‘Products that Flow’ Circular Business Models and Design Strategies for Fast-Moving Consumer Goods


How can consumer goods be redesigned to move away from our current linear economy to one that serves a circular economy? In a time when consumer goods are being produced and disposed of at a rapid speed this remarkable book 'Products that Flow' Circular Business Models and Design Strategies for Fast-Moving Consumer Goods by Siem Haffmans examines how we can reimagine the way consumer goods are produced and find new life for cheap, mass produced products.

Products that Flow focuses its attention on fast-moving consumer goods such as food, packaging, disposables, fashion, cheap gifts and gadgets. This exceptional book gives businesses tangible examples for how they can reduce waste, manage the flow of goods and move towards a circular economy. The following are examples of how companies can change the way they do business.

The vegetable company Eosta/Nature & More is rethinking the way organic produce is packaged and labeled. The company believes that organic products should not be packaged in plastic, unless absolutely necessary. In order to make this a reality they have explored a number of alternatives from non-oil-based plastics to sugar cane material, compostable stickers, carton trays and, natural branding. Natural branding is the process of using a high definition laser to create a label directly on the peel. In 2017, Eosta will save 750, 000 plastic flow packs by using natural branding on avocados.

The Swedish high-end fashion company, Filippa K, has vowed to have their entire collection be designed and produced following the principles of the circular economy by 2030. To reach their inspiring goal, they have put emphasis on quality and designing their product to have a long life. However, they also encourage customers to return their worn garments for a 15% discount on their next purchase. The returned garments are then sold in the Filippa K second hand store or given to humanitarian organisations.

C&A Foundation is proud to have supported Products that Flow as it will be a source of inspiration for designers, business developers, marketeers and policy makers. To read more about the inspiring circular business models and design strategies the book is available for purchase on amazon.

Siem Haffmans the author of Products that Flow, is an industrial designer and a managing partner at Partners for Innovation. He has more than 25 years of experience with working on sustainable innovation and circular economy projects. This book emerged from a creative cooperation with researcher Marjolein van Gelder, writer Ed van Hinte and Yvo Zijlstra, graphic designer.