Stories of change

We believe that a different fashion industry is possible; one has the power and ability to work better for the millions of men and women who make our clothes. We believe this because we see evidence of change happening every day.

From a farmer whose livelihood and health has improved through organic cotton, to the young girl who turns her life around when she’s given support to get out of forced labour and back into school.  Read all our stories of change and get inspired!

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A fighting woman

Building appreciation for seamstresses in marginalised communities

Organic farming as a legacy

The power of marginalised communities

A dream that changes lives

KaKa: A Collective Struggle

A collective journey towards autonomy

Nipa's dream to one day establish a training centre

Tailoring solutions

Connecting for collective action

One pulling up the other

Hand in hand for a better Fashion Industry

Breaking the cycle of violence: Stories of courage

Workers well-being at Maquilas: Consuelo and Natalia pave the way

For fashion that is more transparent

What can maquila workers do to demand better pay?

A Woman of Character

The story of Vishram a Drip Farmer in Gujarat, India

What should working women do when their health may be at risk on the job?

Pushpa: One Girl's Journey to Receive an Education

When workers know their rights and how to demand them

You must educate your children

Tackling systemic issues within India: Child Labour

A Collective Transformation

Earthquake: community reconstruction and strengthening

The Use of Role-Play in Challenging Conventional Gender Roles

Drip Pool Programme: Innovative Community-Managed Financing Mechanism 

How does empowerment help change the lives of women working at a maquila?


Immigrants must follow their dreams

The most stimulating challenge of my life

More than organic cotton

Wisdom rooted in Customs

Meet Aklima

Returning to their traditions

A Farmer's Organic Mission for Good

A Daughter's Sacrifice

Life After Forced Labour: The rose farmers

Life After Forced Labour: Longing to go to school

Life After Forced Labour: Mrs. Mariyasanthi and the rice cooker

Life After Forced Labour: The fish farmer

Building a new cotton conscience together in China

A fair, prosperous, sustainable cotton industry is possible