The most stimulating challenge of my life

Cristiane has an unforgettable smile. She works at the C&A Distribution Center in Rio de Janeiro, and together with her colleagues, she is responsible for supplying one of the most populated regions of Brazil. 

Cristiane, 36, considers herself a happy person. She loves her work, her family life and the community where she lives and if you ask her where this love for life comes from, she will say that it stems from the happiness she feels in helping children in a vulnerable neighbourhood on the outskirts of Rio. 

She has been part of C&A's Volunteer Program since 2000, when she accepted the invitation for what she considers one of the most stimulating challenges of her life: taking part in humanitarian actions at a city school. "I fell in love with working with children. You give love and children know that someone looks out for them. I learn more from them than they can learn from me." 

I fell in love with working with children. I learn more from them than them from me.
Instituto C&A Volunteer - Cristiane

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil