The story of Vishram a Drip Farmer in Gujarat, India


My name is Vishram. I have two acres of land and I have been farming for 15 years.  

When there was no drip irrigation in our farms my land was a little uneven. Water couldn't reach everywhere. There was low production. The entire area would not get water so the harvest would suffer. If there was a slope or climb water would not reach so we had to get a pipeline from outside, and had to get water there. That meant watering work on the farm that was a worth a day or two would take five to seven days and used to require more labour, too.  

The electricity we needed to pump the water often came at night and that was difficult. Everyone would have to help but then my kids had to go to school and my wife had to go back home to do house work. We faced a lot of problems. 

Since I have put the drip in my fields I get more crop with less water. There is an 80% reduction in farming cost and the irrigation work is less so we can go for other work. Only the valve has to be turned, water goes from one zone to another and I can do other work. I also now work as a mason and I drive a tractor to help other farmers. Since I put the drip in one and half years ago the profit has helped with my two boys’ education. One is in the twelfth grade the other is studying in college.  

The drip has been installed with the help of the Aga Khan Foundation. The loan that we have received is interest free and can be paid weekly. A farmers' group has also been created to encourage brotherhood amongst farmers. Every month the farmers gather to hear each other’s thoughts and experiences and ask questions. 

For the first time a producer company is being started which is going to benefit farmers a lot. The farmer will be able to buy other essentials like fertiliser and manure collectively. Earlier we had pay a higher price for this but through the Farmer Producer Company we can get everything from there and at a cheaper rate. That is one benefit to the farmers. 

And when the harvest is taken to the market we will sell our producer together so we get a better price. Farmers will benefit directly. There will be progress in farming. Those who farm will do so at a cheaper price and better profits.

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Gujarat, India