Meet Aklima

Together with her father, Aklima works at garment factory in Dhaka.  This is her first job as an assistant in the sewing section.  

“When I applied they thought I was under 18 years of age. There were three medical investigations to make sure that the factory was not taking an under-age worker. They looked at my teeth, “ says Aklima.

What Aklima most loves is spending time with her sisters.  “I have two little sisters at home, as well as my grandmother and my parents.  I love my time with my siblings; their demands never end,” says Aklima as she carefully applies liner to her little sisters’ eyes. “We have plenty of time during the weekend and I love watching TV with my family too.”

I love spending time with my siblings. Their demands never end.
Garment worker in Dhaka - Aklima

Dhaka, Bangladesh