We are a corporate foundation here to fundamentally transform the fashion industry

Our mission

The challenges facing the apparel industry are vast and can seem overwhelming. Our mission is to inspire the belief that change is possible and to support initiatives that will make that change happen.

We work with change-makers all over the world, proving that change can happen and unleashing their potential to create an impact.  And we give them the financial support, expertise and networks that will accelerate their impact.

We do this because we believe that despite the deep and complex challenges, we can work together to make fashion a force for good.

Why we’re here

The promise of fashion is a positive one. Every day, the industry brings jobs and powers economies, it encourages creativity and gives us new ways to express who we are and how we feel.

But today’s fashion industry also has negative effects - on the environment and on people and communities around the world. This is unacceptable and unlikely to change without brave leadership in every corner of the industry.

We believe that a different fashion industry is possible; one has the power and ability to work better for the millions of men and women who make our clothes. We believe this because we see evidence of change happening every day.

From a farmer whose livelihood and health has improved through organic cotton, to the young girl who turns her life around when she’s given support to get out of forced labour and back into school.

We believe that fashion can be a force for good. But to make that happen, we need to bring the entire industry on the journey.